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Archive for February 2019

Wireframe Design to WordPress

Wireframe to Wordpress

Converting Wireframe Design to WordPress A lot of business owners have a good idea of how their site design will look online and create PDF’s or imagery to articulate their designs into WordPress. If you are a business owner and have a clear idea of how your wireframe design looks then I can convert it…

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Hosting Services

hosting Luleå

Looking for Hosting Companies? If you are looking for hosting services for your webspace there are a couple of things you definitely need to know: Does the company offer secure hosting? If they are not secure themselves – STAY AWAY. Do they provide a backup service? Are they easy to work with? What is their…

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WordPress Templates – Manage Your Website

Wordpress Templates

Why Business Owners Don’t Update Their Website One of the most common problems with website designs is the lack of easy-to-use WordPress templates. Therefore, they are not easy to update. Or, the person or company who built the site has not designed the site to be updated by their client! Most often, because they want to…

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Google Adwords and Keyword Tools

Google Adwords Luleå

Google Adwords – Discovering New Markets You probably already know your competitors, just type in the same business services – the same as you offer, and there they are! But did you know there are many new opportunities for gaining valuable targetted visitors to your online business? People are searching and we try to imagine…

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Membership Websites

Membership Websites - Luleå

Membership Websites Explained Some businesses, but not all, will benefit from having membership websites which allow members to login to view content or a way to receive digital downloads. One of the best ways to entice new members is by using a method called ‘drip-feed’. This is like a carrot dangling valuable information for visitors.…

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Luleå Företag

SEO With great Search Engine Optimisation – Everything you create online has the ability to be found either as an article, image or even video. There are many different ways to optimise content for the search engines and here are a few reasons why you should be doing it: Optimised pages always usually receive more…

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WordPress Powered Websites


WordPress is a content management system which powers 30% of the world’s websites! The WordPress platform is a free, open-source application that has an extremely large library of free themes and plugins offering different cosmetic designs, layouts and functionality. The user-base and support forums are ideal for offering solutions for almost every topic relating to…

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