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Ecommerce Shop

Sell Products or Downloads Online with WooCommerce A website with a webbshop is an ideal way of offering an easy solution for customers to order and pay for items at any time of the day. With WordPress and popular shopping WooCommerce combined, it’s easy to add products, pricing and connect the cart directly to a…

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What is MyAllocator?


Channel Marketing Management Myallocator is a channel marketing manager used by hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and property owners who are selling accommodation. MyAllocator is owned by Cloudbeds and allows property owners to connect and sync their rooms over multiple channels simultaneously. This real-timing syncing removes the chance of being double-booked and greatly increases the…

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How to Setup Stripe with Bokun

Setup Stripe with Bokun

Connecting to a Payment Provider In order to take online payments through Bokun you will need to add one or more payment providers from inside your Bokun account. In most, cases you will will only need one payment provider. Testing Before Production It’s always a good idea to test that the payment provider receives payment…

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Bokun Template Websites for Travel Companies

Bókun Template Websites

Do you need an easier solution for creating tours & activities or experiences on your website? I create custom-made websites in WordPress, which allow you to add products quickly and consistently – without any code. If you have a travel business and need help with Bokun and / or your website – then I can…

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How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

Selling Experiences and Accommodation On Your Website Bókun allows you to combine multiple ‘experiences’, but does not allow you to combine ‘experiences’ and ‘accommodation’, this is not a feature Bókun has at the moment. But, we want our visitors to pay with 1 transaction only. There is a workaround for travel companies who wish to…

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Bokun – Activities & Tours Software

Bokun Help

Selling Activities & Tours Online with Bokun Looking for Activities & Tours Software? I have been working with tour providers, travel agents, accommodation providers and resellers of tours in Sweden for the last 3 years. The booking system I have researched and found to be the best overall solution is the booking system called Bókun.…

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Free Image Editors

Online Resources Available to You Here is a list of tools you can easily learn to use yourself that are freely available for download. You can use tools to edit your camera or mobile images and optimise them for the web!   Images Great graphics will certainly enhance your articles, your social media channels or…

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