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Archive for April 2020

What is MyAllocator?


Can MyAllocator Do Something I Can’t? No! If you’re ready to pay out a monthly fee for a service read this first. Minimum cost for MyAllocator starts at $300 per year – How about zero instead? First, let’s read what MyAllocator is.. Channel Marketing Management Myallocator is a channel marketing manager used by hotels, bed…

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Bokun Booking System from Tripadvisor

Bokun Booking System

Selling Experiences with Bokun Booking System Looking for Experience booking software? I have been working with tour providers, travel agents, accommodation providers and resellers of tours from various locations in the last 3 years. The booking system I have researched and found to be the best overall solution is the Bokun booking system called Bókun.…

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Bokun Pay – Payment Provider from Bokun

Bokun Pay

New payment Solution – Bokun Pay I thought I would investigate further and see how Bokun Pay compares to other payment providers and if there were any advantages to changing to a different payment service. Incidentally, if you are wondering where to see information about payment providers inside your Bokun account – navigate to the…

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