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About Me

Andy Montgomery

Andy MontgomeryHi, and thank you for visiting my website.

I hope you find my articles useful and informative, or even interesting! I’m a freelance web developer / designer and musician originally from Scotland. Married with 2 children and living in the north of Sweden situated in a little city called Luleå.

Musical Background

I come from a musical background and was classically trained on the piano. But, I like to think of my creativity extending into everything I do. Web design and content writing has been an extension of my musical creativity.

Love to Visit Places..

Travelling around Europe was something I did in my late teens to mid 30’s – so much to see in so many beautiful places. During the mid-90’s I worked with a travel tech company in Edinburgh where we managed over 60,000 hotels listed on our website with thousands of pages – It was an amazing company to work for and it was here that I discovered my love for travel websites and information online.


During my experience with the travel company, I learned how to build websites from basic html coding while also creating content for building traffic. No traffic – no business. We spent a lot of time looking at our achievements through statistics.

From our small team we dreamed up ideas of how we could attract more and more visitors to our site. Banner ads, online promos, interactive maps, geographical and historical content were all part of our strategies. We also experimented and learned effective SEO.  Some of our ideas were good and others a waste of time, but a fun and interesting learning process to learn the rules.

Recent Years

Within the last few years I have been working with many travel companies in Scandinavia and now mostly internationally from the U.S, South America, Europe and over to Asia. I help mainly small companies with their websites and provide solutions for Bokun, WordPress and SEO training.

I also build membership sites as well as e-commerce shops. My work is varied and this is what keeps it interesting. Above all, I enjoy talking to people from all walks of life.

Help at Hand

As a web developer with a strong focus on business development, I work long term with my clients. If something goes wrong I can help fix it at short notice.

All development is carried out in-house.


Jaana Enström | Sweden

"Hired this company, to get help with updating my website. Andy was responsive for my wishes and we had a good communication. Highly recommend the company".

Dunk Visutthithada | Bangkok

"Andy was very helpful in getting my website up which runs on the Bokun booking engine. He is knowledgeable in his craft and will find ways to help you save costs"!

Cheryl Cullen | London

"Just used this company (and Andy) to sort out loads of stuff on my Bokun platform that i just didn't have the time to learn how to do! I can now get on with the stuff I'm good at".

Cathy Wolfe | Ireland

"We have and continue to use this company and Andy to solve all our Bokun issues and rely on this company to train us on Bokun, as Bokun keeps changing and updating. Andy has just finished a new website for us which includes Bokun as the booking engine. Seriously impressed with this work. I highly recommend this company".

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