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About Me

Andy Montgomery

Andy MontgomeryHi, and thank you for visiting my website – I hope you find my articles useful and informative or even interesting! I’m a freelance web developer / designer and married with 2 children, living in the north of Sweden in a little city called Luleå.

My Background – Keeping it Brief…

I come from a creative background –  and was classically trained on the piano to Grade 8 with the Royal School of Music. But, I like to think of my creativity extending into everything I do. I am an ideas person and a do-er.  When the world wide web came along I knew from day 1  it would change everything. I was told about it by a friend while we sat and had a pint in some pub in Edinburgh.  Two days later I had bought a new computer!


Travelling around Europe was something I did in my late teens to mid 30’s. So much to see in so many beautiful places. During the mid-90’s I was working with a travel company in Edinburgh where we had 60,000 hotels listed on our website. We were affiliated to a large American company who gave us a percentage of every hotel room booked from our site all over the world – It was an amazing company to work for!


During my work with the travel company, I learned how to build websites using basic html and create content for building traffic. After all, no traffic – no business. And so, in a small team we dreamed up ideas of how we could attract more visitors to our site. Banner ads, online promos, interactive maps, geographical and historical content were all part of our strategies as well as learning the skills of SEO. Some ideas good and others a waste of time, but a fun a learning process.

The Last Few Years

Within the last few years I have been working with many travel companies in the north and south of Sweden – either with booking system education or developing websites. Lately, I’ve been involved with membership sites and digital downloads and helping companies with search engine optimisation. My work is varied and that is what keeps it interesting – especially meeting people from all walks of life.

Learning & the Future

With this type of industry you must keep up to date with technology and keeping on top of the game. So learning something new every week is my goal – be it big or small. Something that I’ve learned – You only learn when you are interested. So I choose to focus on my strengths – music, travel, technology and design.

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