What is MyAllocator?

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What is MyAllocator?

By Andy Montgomery / 25th March 2019

Channel Marketing Management Myallocator is a channel marketing manager used by hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and property owners who are selling accommodation. MyAllocator is…

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Setup Stripe with Bokun

How to Setup Stripe with Bokun

By Andy Montgomery / 23rd March 2019

Connecting to a Payment Provider In order to take online payments through Bokun you will need to add one or more payment providers from inside…

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Bókun Template Websites

Bókun Template Websites for Travel Companies

By Andy Montgomery / 9th March 2019

Do you need an easier solution for creating tours & activities on your website? I create custom-made websites in WordPress, which allow you to add…

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How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

By Andy Montgomery / 3rd March 2019

Selling Experiences and Accommodation On Your Website Bókun allows you to combine multiple ‘experiences’, but does not allow you to combine ‘experiences’ and ‘accommodation’, this…

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Bokun Help

Activities & Tours Software

By Andy Montgomery / 2nd March 2019

Selling Activities & Tours Online Looking for Activities & Tours Software? I have been working with tour providers, travel agents, accommodation providers and resellers of…

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Needing help using Bókun?

First, check out Bokun’s comprehensive help menu here. There maybe something here to help you solve a problem with your setup or on your website.

I’ll be posting new articles all the time, with some extra tutorials that are collective towards a solution. There is also a Bokun Help Forum if you would like to leave a comment, question or help other Bokun users.