Keyword Research & SEO

Keyword Research & Localisation

Keyword research not only gives you the history of traffic of a historical period of time i.e. 1 year, but also shines light on new opportunities.

Stripe Payment & Variable Amounts

Stripe Payment Variable Amount

Do you need to offer a Stripe payment with a variable amount for your customers? This is an example of a easy solution for your business.

Web Designed & SEO Optimised Website

I build websites with the intention of making them easy to use and grow for clients. If you do not intend to update your website with new posts / products or services then you will need a finely tuned website which delivers optimised content for the search engines.


Paypal Payments

Paypal is a more familiar global payment solution which has been around for decades.

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Andy Montgomery is a freelance Search Engine Optimization Specialist (and piano player) who lives in Sweden and works remotely with International clients around the globe.