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Commercial Movies for Travel Industry

Commercial Movies for Experiences

By Andy Montgomery / 19th October 2019

Inspiration Inspire your audience with a short movie! It increases the visitor time spent on your website and increases the chance of visitors booking an…

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Box Products in Bokun

Box Products in Bokun

By Andy Montgomery / 21st July 2019

Create Variations of Your Inventory   ‘Box Products’ You can create variations of existing products when you ‘box’ a product. When you box a product you…

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Bokun Widgets

Bokun Widgets – Booking Engines Explained

By Andy Montgomery / 7th June 2019

Bokun Widgets – What are They? Basically, they are ‘user-generated’ booking engines which allow online reservations to be accepted from a website. They contain code…

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Bokun Features

Bokun Features

By Andy Montgomery / 14th May 2019

The Top 10 Features of Bokun There’s definitely a lot packed into this online booking system, and the features are not just added on lightly.…

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The Best Course for Bokun Suppliers and Resellers

By Andy Montgomery / 11th May 2019

This Course Helps Companies Bridge the Gap between Bokun and WordPress From personal experience as a web developer and trainer for Bokun I have seen…

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What is MyAllocator?

By Andy Montgomery / 25th March 2019

Channel Marketing Management Myallocator is a channel marketing manager used by hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and property owners who are selling accommodation. MyAllocator is…

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Setup Stripe with Bokun

How to Setup Stripe with Bokun

By Andy Montgomery / 23rd March 2019

Connecting to a Payment Provider In order to take online payments through Bokun you will need to add one or more payment providers from inside…

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Bókun Template Websites

Bokun Template Websites for Travel Companies

By Andy Montgomery / 9th March 2019

Do you need an easier solution for creating tours & activities or experiences on your website? I create custom-made websites in WordPress, which allow you…

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How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

How to Combine Experiences and Accommodation in Bókun

By Andy Montgomery / 3rd March 2019

Selling Experiences and Accommodation On Your Website Bókun allows you to combine multiple ‘experiences’, but does not allow you to combine ‘experiences’ and ‘accommodation’, this…

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Bokun Help – Tutorials and Solutions

First, check out Bokun’s comprehensive help menu here. There maybe something here to help you solve a problem with your setup or on your website.

I’ll be posting new articles all the time, with some extra tutorials helping towards solving a problem you may have setting up products.

Also, check out my top list of Bokun Features if you are new to online booking systems.

New Course for Suppliers and Resellers Throughout Scandinavia

Help for Suppliers and Resellers – A complete course designed around Bokun and Wordpress. This course is for group training and allows companies to really benefit from a structured learning course.

Companies can also benefit from a FREE Wordpress website on their domain which is pre-installed before the day of the course. The Wordpress website has been created with a focus on easily adding tours and activities.

More details of the course can be found here – Bokun Express Launch Course

The 2 Day Course

The main purpose of the course is get tours and activities launched LIVE on Day 1. We create products together – integrate with a payment provider and create a web page of products using Bokun’s very own Storefront.

There will be some pre-work carried out before the course so that I can install a new website on each participants domain or sub-domain.

The Future Looks Bright

You won’t have to worry any more about paying someone to help you with your website or try to fit your Widget Code onto your posts or pages. I will give you the knowledge to do it yourself!  It’s now even easier than ever to create travel products – The way it should be.

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