Search & Filter Experiences in WordPress with Bokun API Plugin

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The need for a Bokun API plugin…

Bokun FeaturesAllowing visitors to search and filter experiences on your website is great to allow an easy way to select categories, locations or individual preferences. Visitors also filter on price and are keen to see what’s available at short notice.

Most WordPress search filters will sort your posts or experiences into some kind of order by filtering posts within a WordPress category but there is still not an effective way to display real-time information.

And, if products have no availability or even no longer exist, a manually created product within WordPress provides a DEAD click and bad experience for visitors.

Search & Filter Experiences in Bokun Coming Soon!

Soon to be released is our new Bokun API Filter which connects directly to your Bokun account. Simply add as many products as you want, categorise them in Bokun and display real-time prices, what’s on today & tomorrow and all your product content – Directly displaying on your website!

Search Engine OptimisationWhat About SEO?

Don’t worry, we’re taking care of the SEO  too with some clever programming! All of the products will be indexable.

Eradicating Product Description Duplication

We think you’ll like this feature – We will extract your product descriptions from your Bokun account to to your website automatically. Yes, no more duplicating text with hours and hours of tedious duplication. Our plugin takes care of it.

How much does the Bokun API plugin cost?

The plugin will have an affordable yearly license fee including any updates or new features. As long as the license is renewed the plugin will continue to display as many experiences as you want.

Benefits to Travel Companies Who Intend to Expand their Experience Inventory

This plug-in really comes into play when you decide to expand your inventory of experiences or sell other suppliers’  experiences. Display literally hundreds of products and manage them within your Bokun account. The plugin displays them all, directly onto your website.

Looking for Companies to Help Test our Bokun API Plugin

We are still in the development stage of around 4-6 weeks from now. If you would like to help us test it and offer feedback we can offer you a massive discount when it becomes available.

Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch!