Selling Experiences with the Bokun Booking System

Looking for Experience booking software? I have been working with tour providers, travel agents, accommodation providers and resellers of tours from various locations in the last 3 years. The booking system I have researched and found to be the best overall solution is the Bokun booking system called Bókun.

Product Open Issues

Bokun – The Preferred Booking Engine for Tripadvisor

Bókun originates from Iceland and is the engine that powers Iceland’s travel industry.  It is used by just about every travel-related business around Iceland. It has now expanded globally since the company was bought by Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor’s Experience are sold via Viator, another Tripadvisor company.

Pricing Structure

Since then, Bókun’s market share has increased dramatically including a new attractive pricing structure which replaces the monthly fee with a low 2.9% of every online transaction.

What Is Bókun?

Bókun is a real-time inventory management cloud solution which gives travel companies a complete booking engine for selling tours. You can add the Bokun booking system onto your website as well as connect with the top OTA’s around the world.

What is unique about the platform is the ability to easily combine products, resell other company products as your own, setup online payment solutions easily within a couple of hours!

Who created Bókun

The co-creator of the booking engine is Hjalti Baldursson. In a recent interview Hjalti was excited that Bókun could now be distributed to every continent around the world. Offering solutions for real-time booking and connectivity amongst small to large enterprises.

The Learning Curve

For many companies in the past, Bókun included a large number of menus, simply because it could do a lot!  The learning curve was steep then because individuals were facing a mountain of menus and choices.

The Good News – In the last 12 months, Bókun have simplified the way in which you can create products – with a series of simple steps to follow and fields to complete.

Below is a screenshot of how users can easily follow steps to create a new experience.

Activities & Tours Software


Product Open IssuesBokun’s Checklist

One of the great features of creating a new product (experience) is being told that something is incomplete. This makes it easy to identify what has still to be done before a product is ready to go live. In this example, the opening hours of the product have still to be completed.

To publish a product, there must be no issues remaining – after all, incomplete products will give you problems with customers in the long run and this method removes all the hassle!

Booking Widget Code

Bokun Widgets provide an easy way to add generated code from the booking engine directly onto your website. After a product has been published, this means that the product is ready to be used on a website. By going into the Widgets menu, users can select their products, choose a couple of settings and then generate the widget code.

Bokun Widget Code Into WordPress

WordPress is the most popular web platform for many travel-related businesses. And while WordPress may not be the easiest to use, for inexperienced users – The widget code can be placed easily onto a web page and display the booking engine instantly.

Below is a screenshot of the Widget Area where you generate code for each product.

Embed Widget Code


Preview the Widget Code

It’s also possible to preview the widget code before you copy it onto your website. Simply click on the Preview button on the widget page and check that availability, pricing and any other settings are displaying correctly.

Here is a screenshot of the preview window:

Bokun Widget Code

Customised Areas on Your Website for Widget Code

Here is a screenshot of how the widget code might display on a website:

Bokun Code Areas


What Else?

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Bokun Training

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Bokun WordPress Theme

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