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Bokun Express Launch Course


To learn Bokun in a structured & simple way, focusing on Experiences.

Adding products and Bokun code to a Wordpress website.

GET PRODUCTS LIVE - During the training!


A Complete 2-Day Course in Your Area

An Essential Course for Companies Using Bokun and Wordpress

The Problem

Individuals or companies who operate in the travel industry may struggle when learning a booking system or promoting products on their website because it demands a lot of time, on top of their everyday job. The learning curve for booking systems can be steep for in-experienced users. Additionally, integrating a booking system with a companies website can add additional stress without proper training.

Transferring Bokun Code to a Website

Training Courses that offer help with booking systems can assist in the learning process through structured steps. However, when it comes to transferring products to a website, then new problems arise. Most companies have different types of websites with different themes or editor programs, this makes the training program more complex in a group training class.

Who is this Course Designed For?

Bokun Suppliers and ResellersThis 2-day Bokun training course has been designed for suppliers or resellers who are not quite ready to launch their experiences online and may not have the experience of using Bokun or a website.

The training is structured so that participants can follow the necessary steps to push products LIVE. Additionally, a website is included and is pre-installed before the day of the course. Expert SEO training is given to help boost products in organic search. It's all structured in a very easy way to understand!

No coding or programming required or neccessary - keep it simple!


The Solution: In 2 Parts

PART 1 - Achievable Goals

  • To create REAL products in Bokun - ready to go LIVE.
  • Encourage each participant to create at least 3 products. The details of the product do not have to be perfect - they can always be changed later.
  • Transfer Bokun products to a website (copying and pasting code).
  • Make deals with other suppliers and resellers.

PART 2 - Get a Free Website

Each participant will be given a complete Wordpress Bokun Themed website where they can add their own products. This website will be pre-installed before the course starts. The website template is for each participant to keep and use on their live site!

Everybody will have the same Wordpress website to start, this will allow the group to learn the basic functions together in a more efficient way.

The website has been built with a focus on displaying experiences. With an easy to use backend interface - users only need to fill in boxes when creating new products then click Publish!

The design of the template includes:

  • An easy way to add products - just fill in the boxes!
  • An editable home page.
  • An area to add your company logo.
  • Category menus for products to see all products at a glance. Also great for SEO.
  • Blog Area - Write articles easily.
  • Shopping Cart - Allows customers to add more than 1 experience and pay with 1 transaction.
  • Google Analytics Ready - Just enter your Account No.
  • Free Updates on the Wordpress Theme for Life.
  • Essential plugins for SEO, security and speed installed.
  • Responsive for all platforms: Mobile, Tablet, Computer.
  • No Yearly Fees or Hidden Costs - It's yours forever!Bokun Website Template

See the Live Demo


Website Installation & Adding Experiences

Domains and Sub-Domains

Domains and Sub-domainsIdeally, the best option is to have every participant with the same new Worpress website. I will pre-install the websites a week or so before the start of the course.

However, if the participants have websites they wish to keep, then it may be a better idea to create a sub-domain and have the new website added there instead.

If so, then it's easy to add a link from the main website to the sub-domain.

What is a Sub-Domain?

If you have a website called -,  then the sub-domain could be called something like - - where the word 'book' or any other choice is added to the start of the domain.

Backup Your Existing Website Content

It's important to understand that if the new Wordpress website is installed on the existing domain then it will replace any existing content. Participants should backup all text, images or movies before the new installation.

The Advantages of a Wordpress Website

In my experience, the fastest way for companies to go live in a group training session is by using the same online tools.

The Process of Creating Products Using the New Wordpress Website

When a user creates a new Wordpress 'post' they are presented with the following boxes to fill-out.

  • Enter experience description.
  • Enter map location where activity starts (paste in a Google map).
  • Enter map location where activity ends (paste in a Google map).
  • What should visitors bring? (warm clothing, training shoes, water etc).
  • Enter pickup information - If needed.
  • What large image would you like to use at the top of the page? By adding more than 1 image an automatic slider will be created.
  • Product gallery - Add images to enhance the experience.
  • *Paste your Bokun Code here.
  • Any fields can be added or deleted!

Automatic Product Check and Publishing Products

*Essential fields can also be assigned - For example, if you do not enter any Bokun Code then the product will not be publishable. This ensures consistent design and all product information is filled out correctly - super simple!

Technical Requirements for Myself and the Participants

Administrative Access for Wordpress

Bokun AccessI will require access to install the Wordpress template on the domain space of the participant. I can also install the template if you can provide administrative access to an existing version of Wordpress.

Where there is no installation, I will need access to the Control Panel of the domain space. You may contact me if you need further technical help.


For the purpose of taking credit card transactions - A security certificate will be required for the new website (https) - The website hosting company can assist with this. You can contact them and request a Let's Encrypt Secure Certificate which is sometimes free with some companies.

For Participants - BEFORE the day of the course


  • Register a new Bokun account - You can sign up for a new account here -
  • For online credit card payments I recommend using Stripe. You can sign up here - The process of creating a Stripe account may take several days to clear so I recommend doing this at least 1-2 weeks before the course. We will connect with Bokun to the Stripe account on the day!
  • Product images - Large images (at least 1500px wide). We can use the images for the main image slider and image gallery. The more images the better!
  • Product text descriptions including start and end points of tours / activity.
  • Text for any special equipment or clothing required for the activity.
  • A Facebook Business Page - We will be adding a link from Facebook to Bokun's Storefont. Storefront is a way of displaying products to the public from your Bokun Account.

Course Structure

Day 1 Morning

  • Tour of Bokun - Focusing on Experiences
  • Creating 3 Activity Tours and Adding Prices
  • Connecting with Stripe
  • Using Storefront and Going LIVE

Day 1 Afternoon

  • Availability and Rules
  • Grouping Products
  • Bokun Widgets and Channels
  • The Marketplace and Contracts
  • Boxing and Combining Products

Day 2 Morning

  • Intro to the Wordpress Template
  • Editing the Home Page
  • Creating New Products and Adding Bokun Code
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) within Wordpress

Day 2 Afternoon

  • Creating Agents / Affiliates and Commission Groups
  • Connecting with OTA's
  • Customising the Look of Bokun
  • Free Open Source Software for Images
  • SEO Expert Advice

This Bokun training course is given in English and is available within Europe.

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    Do you have any questions? Please write below!

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