Top 10 Features of Bokun

There’s definitely a lot packed into this online booking system, and the features are not just added on lightly. Every service is extremely well thought out and provide easy-to-follow setup checklists to lead you to publishing your products live.

  1. A FREE High Tech Booking Engine with calendar, prices on dates, extra options and the capability to sync with OTA’s globally. You only pay for each transaction – Bokun pricing is currently 2.9%.
  2. Fine Tuned for Experiences for all of your Tours and Activities. This is where the focus is – You can create 3 kinds of experiences here. A Tour or Activity, an attraction or an Event. This opens up your options to other activities too – Book a haircut, book a restaurant, buy a ticket to see a local band, buy a table to sell your second hand junk at a fair – the list is endless and limited by your own imagination.
  3. The Marketplace – Ok, so you can create your own products easily. But, you can also sell other suppliers’ products, or they can sell yours. Through the marketplace you can send contracts, reject contracts and resend until you reach agreement with other suppliers and resellers – you are free to build relations with absolutely anybody else. The best part of the marketplace is being able to BOX products together. This means you can combine other products with your own. An example could be a 3 hour trek followed by a 1 hour massage from another supplier. Who benefits – everyone! The customer gets a great day out and you can receive an agreed commission from the other supplier. There are of course plenty of more possibilities for resellers to promote your products
  4. Bokun Website Builder – For $49 a month you can have your own website hosted on Bokun’s servers with a complete website builder program for doing it yourself. With simple to use menus, it’s possible to create unique layouts, features and have all of your products appear instantly within the Bokun environment. If you already own a domain name, you can redirect the DNS of the domain to point to Bokun’s servers.Bokun Website Builder
  5. Agent Portal – The agent portal gives agents access to your Bokun account to book your products or make changes to existing bookings. You define what information the agent will see when they login. It’s also possible to create mini websites for each agent, making it easy for them to book products, similar to a website. With each agent you can also assign individual commission rates and pricing. Giving your agents access will free up your time rather than spending it over the phone, or organising bookings by email.
  6. Extras – On every experience you can sell optional extras. For example, on a 3 hour walking tour you could offer to sell lunch as an additional extra. Extras display while the visitor is going through the booking process on the website and is displayed with an option to tick a box. The extra is automaticallyadded to the final price within the checkout.
  7. Booking Channels – If you have more than 1 website or use Social Media to advertise your products, then you can identify where sales are originating from by using different booking channels. Booking channels are part of the process of generating booking engines (Bokun Widgets).
  8. Help – Bokun have published a comprehensive Help section within the Bokun engine. You can either search for help within their documentation or receive LIVE support via the online chat facility. In most cases, you will start talking to support within 10 minutes. With support being situated around the globe, you can take advantage of almost 24 hour help!
  9. Resource Management – If you have up-scaled your business and employ tour guides to run your tours then the resource management will help you to actually sell more tours. Let’s start with 1 guide – Create 3 tours starting at the same time, with 1 guide assigned to the resource management – When 1 of the tours is booked, the others become unavailable. So, you have created more possibilities and sales channels for a sale. Using more tour guides opens the possibility to duplicate this business model, and you’ll never run out of manpower!
  10. Connectivity to the World – As Bokun are owned by TripAdvisor and heavily promote tours on Viator, Bokun integrates very easily with TripAdvisor and all the rest of the largest OTA’s. So, many channels to advertise your experiences. Different commission rates will also be applicable too, so bear that in mind!


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