The Top 10 Features of Bokun

There’s definitely a lot packed into this online booking system, and the features are not just added on lightly. Every service is extremely well thought out and provide easy-to-follow setup checklists to lead you to publishing your products live.

1 – Experiences for all of your Tours and Activities. This is where the focus is – You can create 3 kinds of experiences here. A Tour / Activity, an attraction or an Event. This opens up your options to other activities too – Book a haircut, buy a ticket to see a local band or buy a table to sell your second hand junk at a fair – the list is endless and limited by your imagination.

2 – The Marketplace – I’ve made this no.2 because it has a direct correlation with no. 1 – Ok, so you can create your own products easily. But, you can also sell other suppliers’ products, or they can sell yours. Through the marketplace you can send contracts, reject contracts and resend until you reach agreement with other suppliers and resellers – you are free to build relations with absolutely anybody else.

The best part of the marketplace is being able to BOX products together. This means you can combine other products with your own. An example could be a 3 hour trek followed by a 1 hour massage from another supplier. Who benefits – everyone! The customer gets a great day out and you can receive an agreed commission from the other supplier. There are of course plenty of more possibilities for resellers to promote your products!

3- Storefront – Don’t have a website? Fine. Storefront allows you to create a sub-domain, hosted in the cloud by Bokun and allows you to publish your very own home page. You can choose which products should be on the page. Storefront can be linked from your social media accounts and can be utilised in a number of ways.

For example, create a separate Storefront for a local hotel – get them to add a link from their website to allow their customers to book any activities or tours. You can also agree a commission rate for any bookings made from their Storefront page – all trackable from within the system. This is one example, but I think it adds value to the services of the hotel – giving guests that little bit extra.

4 – Agents – If you’ve ever worked as a travel agent then you will know that you spend a great deal of time on the phone. Even today, agents still do a lot of calling and that’s why I think this service delivers an invaluable service.

Agent accounts can be created in the system as well as agent areas and individual agent commission rates.  Now agents can book products without talking to anyone. Agent pages look similar to Storefront but will also display a list of additional filter searches displaying products in many different ways. You can decide what agents can see and make available a list of products they can book. Everything is bookable in real-time as always, so double bookings are a thing of the past!

5 – Accommodation – With the ability to rent rooms, apartments, holiday homes and any other types of accommodation, this is another one of Bokun’s great features. By combining this together with channel manager company – myAllocator you can now sync and advertise throughout the entire world.  Some of the biggest accommodation companies listed on myAllocator  include Air BnB,, Expedia, HomeAway, HotelBeds,, TripAdvisor, Tui, VRBO and many more!

6 – Global Distribution – Ok, this may not be a direct feature of Bokun’s booking system but it is certainly a feature when you consider integration to a global distribution network. If you did not know – TripAdvisor acquired Bokun in 2018 and since then has been promoting Bokun’s activity and tours endlessly throughout their Viator network.

7 – Extras – This feature allows you to up-sell additional products or services when a customer is at the booking process. Extras can include rentals of additional equipment, a service or maybe even a petrol charge. Extras are created for products individually and may or may not be included in the commission group when used with other resellers.

8 – Reports – There are a great collection of reports from each section of Bokun  as well as including an overview and specific reports generated by month, occupancy etc. You can also custom reporting and generate reports using dynamic filters and sorting using a multitude of choices.

9 – Booking Channels – If you have more than 1 website or use Social Media to advertise your products, then you can identify where sales are originating from by using different booking channels. Booking channels are part of the process of generating booking engines (Bokun Widgets).

10 – Help – Yes, without doubt this is one of the best support teams I have had the pleasure of using. It used to be that the all of the customer help came from Iceland but TripAdvisor have expanded customer support all over the world. You can take advantage of the time zones if you’re like me and work at night! Best of all – the staff are friendly and you’ll either speak to someone on chat or they’ll get back to you within a few hours by email!

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