Do you need an easier solution for creating tours & activities or experiences on your website?

Buy a complete website with no montly charges – WordPress Powered, Elementor Pro Powered. Includes installation on your hosting account.

Get creating your content to build your business instead of fighting with design layouts or learning skills you don’t need to.

Custom-made websites for travel companies built using the popular WordPress platform. Add products, lots of content and start to build up your online presence in a spectaculary fast way.

If you have a travel business and need to integrate Bokun then there is a simple solution for getting your products launched – quickly and seamlessly, with reusable template pages.

Bókun Template Websites

Most Common features that Travel Companies Request

  • Help with layout, creating a template to re-use on all products.
  • A dedicated area for Bokun widget code.
  • An area to create offers for clients. How much time do you spend building an itinerary? Imagine if there was a dedicated area on your website to send your customers to? Private, reusable template!
  • An easy way to add products. For example, tour description, map locations, additional equipment, photo galleries or anything you like. You can even have compulsory fields which need to be completed before publishing is allowed – this guarantees consistency in info! And, you don’t want your design to look like every other travel company!
  • Displaying related tours or activities / relational posts on single products.
  • Dedicated category pages to display related Experiences – (great for SEO) and great for visitors.
  • SEO Integration and registration of your site with search engines.
  • Mobile ready and be able to exclude certain info from mobile visibility – speed enhancement.
  • No monthly fees – one-off payment.
  • Elementor Pro Page Editor – The most popular website editor with a large community of support – You can even create your own pages in minutes! Do it all yourself – no support required – super simple!
  • Focus on the core value of a website – Content, content, content!

Simple to Use – Publish New Products in Minutes

Here’s how easy it is using a Bokun template website – Create a new experience – fill out the text boxes, upload some nice images, maps etc, paste in your widget code and then Publish.


Help For Your Business and Colleagues

Simple instructions for you and your staff to follow. Don’t worry, if you don’t have experience of Bókun or WordPress – I will help you add products and guide you! You will have consistent product information – even when multiple users are updating your website.

What You Get

A complete website built on the WordPress framework, Elementor Pro Website Editor for your Bokun Template. The site will be SEO ready for mobile and will include training on updating the site with professional SEO advice.

Your Requirements

If you would like to have additional features or layout design – we can work together to create your website exactly the way you want it!

Find Out More

For more information about web design, framework templates or Bókun advice simply use the contact form to get in touch.

Or call me (Andy) on 073 070 7347. International: 0046 (0)73 070 7347