The Bokun Website Builder & My Conclusions!

For current Bokun users, the Bokun website builder is available to use in the Website menu. It allows suppliers and resellers to publish their experiences directly within the Bokun platform as a full blown website and without having to deal with widget code.

The website pulls in all images and text for experiences from within Bokun directly to the website. With a comprehensive editor and method to connect with your domain name this is a subscription package for selling experiences online.

Editing / Customisation and Developer Mode

Without any coding you can quickly create a shop front website with the help of the menu down the left-hand side of the editor window. This includes the following options: Design, Pages, Widgets, Content, Personalize, Blog and Settings. You will also have the option to enter developer mode for additional html & css styling should you require it or have a programmer do more sophisticated things.

Bokun Website Builder

Let’s dig deeper into the Editor Features…


Global Design - Bokun Website Builder

  • Global Text – Edit the styling of headings / paragraphs including colour and font type.
  • Global Buttons – Change the design of buttons with colouring, size, padding and fonts.
  • Global Images – Assign borders, border colour as well as rounded corners.
  • Global Rows – Change the background colour of rows and have the ability to change the spacing or padding within rows and columns. These settings can also be over-ruled on individual rows of individual pages.
  • Site Background – Here you can assign a colour or even a background image over the whole site.
  • Site Layout – This gives you options to display the site in a different layout either the top bar with header, with a side bar menu or with an expandable menu (floats out when the hamburger menu is selected).

Pages and Popups

Add a Page / Popup

There is a lot of choice here and you’ll see different types of pages with an image example to the right. The pages section is where you can organise pages in menus or navigation as well as other areas of the website such as the header or footer. There is also an opportunity to add SEO page titles and descriptions although the SEO part is questionable. And if you like popups, then it’s in there too.

Widgets – A sample of what’s available…

Widgets Bokun Editor

Widgets allow you to increase the functionality of the website with pre-built features. Much the same as WordPress widgets, if you are familiar. It’s just a case of drag and drop and then customising the widget to your own needs. No point in me getting into details here, but a lot of them are quite self explanatory if you have the time to fiddle about.

Content – Internal and External


The content windows allows you to display all of your business information, text and images. And, you can import data from a website or a database.

Personalize – Create Rules to Channel Your Visitors


Build your own custom rules of what you would like to happen. A custom rule could include a ‘trigger’ like where your visitor is located, the device they are browsing with or time of day. When one of those triggers is activated then you can decide what will happen. Maybe they get redirected to a special page or you display a particular promotion.

Bokun Website Builder – Blog

Blog Template for Bokun Website Builder

The Blog section allows you to design your blog layout, import articles, edit articles and make changes to the overall settings of the blog. The value of a blog is always underestimated and under-used, but no website should be without one.


Bokun Site Settings

The Settings menu includes more general settings for the entire site including the domain name, redirection, setting up Google Analytics as well as a backup option to save your entire site. A backup will save your site using Bokun’s website builder editor only. This will not allow you to transfer the site somewhere else.

The SEO section allows to make more general settings to the way your site will display on Google.

Amazon AWS Speed

The websites that run on Bokun are very fast. They run on Amazon AWS technology and delivered from multiple servers across the world. Actually, anyone can have their website running super fast on Amazon AWS and if you have an existing WordPress site you should checkout the Amazon Web Services plugin on the WordPress repository. For most, images are what will slow your site down.

Bokun Website Builder – Pricing

As of writing this article there is an offer for new signups to benefit from some discount for 6 months from the original $49 per month.

Also, I should add, there are no extra commission charges on top of the current commission rate of 2.9% service fee for transactions.

Overall Conclusion

With all costs taken into consideration this could be a cheaper alternative to having a web design company developing a new website, although you still need to have some design skills or at least put in the time to learn them. This solution also provides some behind-the-scene technology which removes the need to duplicate content on a website, unless you have a dedicated plugin.

Other Points to Consider…

  • Who owns the website content and the website?
  • If you build up a business using this platform it will not be easy to move if you use Bokun’s dedicated website builder.
  • If you sell your company – what are the rights to the online content and design?
  • How do pages rank in the search engines?
  • Over a long period of time, how much will you spend with a subscription compared to hosting it independently?
  • Will the fees change in the future?
  • All the websites look similar in design and layout.
  • Do you have the time and skills to learn to create a website?
  • Content is critical to developing a successful online business – Do you have additional resources to develop your content?

Here is an alternative solution built from an SEO Expert – The Bokun Theme Template

Additional Bokun Help

If you have taken the decision NOT to sign up with the Bokun Website Builder and need some help to create a customised site that suits your business – get in touch using the contact form.

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