Bokun WordPress Theme

A Complete WordPress Theme for Bokun Suppliers / Resellers and Travel Agents.

Main Features

Bokun Widgets

Dedicated area for your Bokun Widgets - website and admin area. Simply paste in your widget code and Publish.

Product Categories

Combine similar products together - geographically or activity-based. Excellent for SEO (search engine optimisation). Display additional product information like duration of activity or pricing.

Product Information / Itinerary

When you create a new product (WordPress post) - simply select a category and then start to fill in the boxes about your activity / tour.

Choose whether your tour needs an itinerary to offer your customers even more detailed info...Simply tick the itinerary box!

Bokun Shopping Cart & Checkout Page

Pre-installed Bokun shopping cart widget (easy to adapt to any Bokun account). The shopping cart is visible at all times so customers can easily add more products if desired.

Dedicated checkout page so customers can focus on filling out their credit details without product distraction.

After the transaction is complete, customers will be directed to a thank you page and receive email confirmation of the transaction.

Blog and Different Header

A blog is the natural way to grow your website - As an SEO expert I highly recommend writing regularly or even updating old content. The bigger the fishing net, the bigger the catch! You can also have an alternative header which is more in line with aesthetics or giving the reader visual stimulation when they are reading.

Bokun WordPress Theme

This template theme is ideal for travel companies who have multiple employees adding products or travel content. This template can include mandatory fields which make the editor fill in all the product information giving every product a consistent look.

Need something more or something changed for your travel business? We can work together to create your perfect Bokun template.

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