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Bokun WordPress Theme

You can buy a cheap WordPress theme with all the bells & whistles and stuff you don't need, or if you're serious about business you will buy this instead.

The theme is specifically for travel companies who are only interested in adding products and content! The theme runs on WordPress (powering 35% of the internet), so you can backup the site, move it to any web hosting service and you will always own all the content. WordPress is also heavily supported by a large community with millions of articles and forums online!

However, is so simple to use....How does 'fill in the boxes and publish' sound?  This is how easy it is!

This Bokun WordPress theme has been streamlined only to deal with travel products and articles. IAnd, it has built in functionality for multiple languages, mobile usability and complete customisation to the look and feel without you having to learn one piece of code or understand confusing menus.

Bokun Website Builder Editor

You'll also be pleased to know, this template includes the popular Elementor Pro website editor program with lifetime updates!

You only pay a one-off fee rather than any commission-based or monthly fees. All updates of the software are free for life.

Make it Easy!

This template theme is ideal for travel companies who have multiple employees adding products or travel content. The template can include mandatory fields which make the editor fill in all the product information giving every product a consistent look and if something is missing, it highlights the missing information before being allowed to be published.

Need something more or something changed for your travel business? We can work together to create your perfect Bokun template complete website. Below is an example of how the template looks.

A Complete WordPress Theme for Bokun Suppliers / Resellers and Travel Agents.

Main Features

Bokun Widgets

Dedicated area for your Bokun Widgets

Product Categories

Combine similar products together - geographically or activity-based. Excellent for SEO (search engine optimisation).

Display related products with pricing and duration of experience.

Blog and Growth

A blog is the natural way to grow your website - As an SEO expert I highly recommend writing regularly or even updating old content. The bigger the fishing net, the bigger the catch!

Blog or News articles can keep visitors interested and allow you to link directly to experiences you are promoting.

Mobile Optimised

Mobile Responsive Bokun Theme

Mobile Responsive

Yes, without a doubt, travelers book activities & tours on the move. And according to research, usually book activities within 48 hours!

So, people are booking with their mobiles on the move and that's why this dedicated theme shows the booking engine near the top of each page!

Try it out and see!

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