API Search & Page Generator for Bokun

An Alternative to the Bokun Website Builder

When Bokun decided to launch the Bokun Website Builder, for many the learning curve might have been too much. Although, it is a great way to connect to products via Bokun’s streamlined API system and Bokun are helping customers onboard with page design and layout.

WordPress Plugin

For those companies who wish to continue using WordPress as their preferred website builder there is now a great opportunity to cut out the boring task of copying product information and take advantage of increasing products through the Marketplace with a new WordPress plugin on a MASSIVE SCALE!

What does the plugin do?

It has 2 main functions:

It enables travel companies who have a paid Bokun account to connect, download and display their Experiences directly within their WordPress website by generating SEO-friendly posts on the fly to a new category called Experiences. These custom posts when downloaded include all of the essential fields associated with Bokun products. Including Bokun ID, the Bokun Calendar, Main Description, Summary Description, Things to Bring, Included, Not Included as well as the Itinerary.

The API Generator allows you to search for your experiences from within the admin area of WordPress – See screenshot below.

API Page Generator for Bokun

Search & Filter Experience Page

Another great feature of the plugin is to allow visitors to search and filter their personal interests either by Experience category, location as well as what is available on certain dates.

Developer / Designer Friendly

This plugin will allow developers and designers to customise the layout and design of the experience with their own template designs.

SEO Optimised

Custom post types which are generated after product information has been downloaded will allow any SEO plugin to integrate with each post. Therefore, you can easily add additional Schema plugins and product titles will become the main title of the post.

Elementor Pro & ACF Pro

Compatability with Elementor and ACF Pro, will give you a lot of flexibility to designing virtually any design.

Installation & Setup of Templates

We offer a setup of the plugin or a deeper complete setup with Elementor Pro & ACF Pro. Additionally, we can add Dynamic Content for Elementor which will allow you to use Repeater Fields with Elementor Pro and a whole lot more of additional features.


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