Create Variations of Your Inventory   ‘Box Products’

You can create variations of existing products when you ‘box’ a product. When you box a product you are able to over-ride the title, description, images, video or maps.

Box Products in Bokun

When Would You Use a Boxed Product?

The only time you would use a boxed product is when you are generating an Experience Product Page from the Bokun widgets. An experience product page generates a complete page that includes the calendar widget, product description, images, video and maps. You will have the ability to offer varied text – maybe for a different season or maybe using a different marketing strategy.

Box Marketplace Products

Presuming you have a marketplace partnership setup with another supplier,  you can box other suppliers’ products. But, you cannot change the price, settings or availability of another suppliers’ product or your own products.

Marketplace Partnerships

How to create a contract with another supplier

  • Visit the Bokun Marketplace (Contracts / Marketplace).
  • Search by Country or by the type of contract. If unsure, select All contracts.
  • From the results page you will see a list of OTA’s (green background), and suppliers (white background).
  • From the Suppliers  –  You have the option to view products, view price list or add them as a supplier. Click on Add as supplier.
  • Propose a deal by making selections under the ‘Booking changes and cancellations‘  then entering and completing the Validity period & termination of the contract, then enter a short message then click on Request terms.
  • After the process of acceptance has been agreed upon by both companies you can start to box other suppliers’ products!

How to Box Products

The process of creating boxed experiences in Bokun is slightly different from creating a regular Experience:

  • Navigate to Products / Experiences then select the 3 horizontal dots on the right-hand side.
  • Select Box an Experience from the pop-up menu and select a product to box.
  • Give your product a title and then click the boxes you wish to over-ride, then Save.
  • You will now be redirected to the Experience product menu where you can edit product information. Tip: read the product recommendations to complete your checklist!
  • Click on Publish when complete.
  • When you are generating a widget for this product you will now see it added to the product drop-down menu with the word <box> after your new product name.

Important To Know for SEO

Did you know that product pages generated in Bokun do NOT rank in the search engines at all. So, if you are concerned about SEO – please do not consider relying on boxed products to be found organically.

Photograph Information

Photo by Anne Preble on Unsplash