Inspire your audience with a short movie! It increases the visitor time spent on your website and increases the chance of visitors booking an experience. And yet, surprisingly, there are still very few commercial movies made for the travel industry within tours & activities to engage visitors, who also may return to be inspired or even share with friends on social media.

If you have lots of products under various categories then why not use one movie per category! This gives an overview or highlights your best experiences. That’s not to say that a single movie for each experience would be even better, but it would reduce the budget considerably if you are considering a professional company for filming.

Background Film Music

Adding appropriate music to your movie enhances the experience and captures the mood – if the music is suitable that is. Titles or concepts over the movie can also create the mood in-between scenes.

Drone Footage

Commercial Movies for Travel Industry

Drones provide the ‘out-of-body’ experience for all types of movies, especially across various landscapes and water. Tall buildings, gardens and people in motion also create interesting footage.

Share Video Footage in Bokun – You can easily add your video footage to Youtube and link to it from within your product experience page inside Bokun. See screenshot below.

Add Videos to Bokun

Our Filming Service

If you are interested in adding a huge amount of value to your products then get in touch with us and we can quote you a price for commercial movies for your experiences.