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Google Adwords and Keyword Tools

Andy Montgomery

Google Adwords – Discovering New Markets

You probably already know your competitors, just type in the same business services – the same as you offer, and there they are! But did you know there are many new opportunities for gaining valuable targetted visitors to your online business? People are searching and we try to imagine what they are searching for and producing content to be discovered. Of course, this method of thinking is extremely flawed – It relies on nothing more than your limited imagination.

Keyword Planning Tools

Keyword Planner


The Keyword Planner – Get your hands onto these tools because they provide essential keyword statistics of individual search terms over the last 12 months. The first box allows you to enter your keywords and discover new related keyphrases. I usually start with a generic keyword or phrase and have settings set at broadly matching.

Generic Search Terms

An example of a generic search term could be ‘training shoes’ – The highest amount of searchers for this term gave me the result – adidas shoes. This was a worldwide search and estimated searches per month were between 1M-10Million. Not surprising the competition is set at high either!

However, let’s go to the other end of the scale – ‘What are cross-training shoes’ – an estimated 1k-10k monthly search but low competition.

The Relevance of Low Competition

This is a great benefit for content writers and search engine optimisation – especially for those want their content to be seen. Take all of the low competitor keywords and put them into your carefully crafted articles. Wouldn’t you rather have your content exposed to a lesser competitive market but receive more visitors? There is no downside here – you are merely capturing the visitors who are researching, but might not be ready to buy – Just yet!

Deeper Understanding of Keywords

Sometimes you can be surprised by the results of your research, or even disappointed. However, the results speak for themselves and give you the information you searched for. Therefore, don’t stray too far from the yield of results – This is factual content! And you can now use it your advantage. The keywords or search terms that you didn’t think of can now be your future markets. 

The Google Adwords’ Tools are amazing tools for businesses. You will have to register with a new credit card first before you can access the tools. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged, until you start a Google Adwords campaign. You can use the tools as much as you want for free.

What Do SEO Companies Charge For?

SEO companies charge for keyword research which you can actually do very easily yourself and save yourself a ton of money!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Create a new Adwords Account.
  • Find the Keyword Planner (Tools & Settings / Planning).
  • Select the Discover new keywords box by clicking on it.
  • Enter some basic keywords which describe your product or service. Try not to be too particular about model numbers or use long phrases, we can discover those in the searches.
  • Click on the Get Started button.
  • At the top of the page we can choose our marketplace – For example, you can choose which countries you want to research for those keywords. If it’s in Swedish, then remember that Swedes live outside of Sweden as well and might search in Swedish!
  • Next, select the language and choose search networks. It’s best to search via the Google and search partners network since this covers searches on external websites.
  • At the top of the results column you can sort by Keyword relevance, average monthly searches, your competitors and the bid prices that it will cost to advertise for those keywords.
  • The top of bid high range is the top bidding amount companies will pay for that keyword or keyphrase. This is quite important to note because it relates to popularity and competitiveness.

How To Use the Keyword Results

Now we have some keyword results and their popularity. Start reading through the keywords – We could use most of them if we were writing a new article. We know how many people search for those keywords so can focus your article writing not only on the popular keyword search terms but on the ones which have low competition.

SEO Reports

You’ll pay to have an SEO expert do the work for you and make it into a pretty presentation – No need to now – I’ve just told you how to do it!

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