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Hosting Services

Andy Montgomery

Looking for Hosting Companies?

Hosting Services Luleå

If you are looking for hosting services for your webspace there are a couple of things you definitely need to know:

  1. Does the company offer secure hosting? If they are not secure themselves – STAY AWAY.
  2. Do they provide a backup service?
  3. Are they easy to work with?
  4. What is their communication or turnaround time like?
  5. Do they understand about WordPress Websites? You’ll be surprised!
  6. How much does it cost per year? 
  7. How much space do you get for storing your website and attachments?

As a web designer living in Luleå, Sweden for a number of years, I have used many Swedish hosting companies and with good and bad experiences. One lesson I have learned is that working with too small companies is time consuming because they do not provide easy-to-use interfaces to work with and nobody gets back to you within a day if there is a problem. Not great if you’re clients are waiting for something to be done.

TIP: You can always get a rough idea of a hosting companies’ services by looking at their home page or by looking at their social media interactivity with their clients.

Hosting Control Panels

After logging into a control panel you should be able to do almost everything to setup your working environment from creating new databases, connecting WordPress as well as setup sub-domains and email. I would highly recommend NOT to use any built in editor programs or any control panel statistic programs – These are usually quite bad! However, you really need to have full control of this all the time and be able to fix things yourself without relying on somebody doing it for you (in their time).

WordPress-1-Click Installations

A lot of hosting companies provide a 1-click installation service for their clients – Loopia, and Binero are 3 companies I know who provide this service. I have had a lot of trouble with 1-click installations on (Danish company). In fact, they make the job of uploading WordPress a very difficult one, totally unnecessary waste of my time. However, the online chat is quite helpful and someone is always around to try and help you out. However, it’s still a process which demands my time.

One of the best services I can recommend is Loopia’s hosting services. I can setup an account there and have a new version of WordPress installed in around 15-20 minutes. Transferring an existing site from one to domain to another is also pretty easy with the help of migration plugins.

Sub-domains with Loopia can take up to an hour to properly propagate, but from that point onwards, it’s just basically setting up another database and installation of WordPress.

Hosting Services I Can Provide

A lot of businesses don’t update their WordPress which can lead to the site getting hacked. And for this reason, I can provide a yearly update service for companies including transferring them to any new hosting companies.

Cost of Hosting Services and Update Services for WordPress

On average, companies should be paying no more than 2,000 sek for hosting and 2,000 sek for update services. Don’t take emails into this equation – Microsoft 365 provide a great service for all of your emails.

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