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How to Get Your Site Indexed in Google

Andy Montgomery

Submitting a New Website? – Please Be Patient!

If you have a brand new website and are dying to see your pages get indexed then you may have to wait a few days for your website to be properly indexed – Let’s get started!

Google Search Console

Get used to seeing those 3 wonderful words – ‘Google Search Console’ – It’s where the webmasters, money-making bloggers and SEO companies live. It consists of a bunch of free tools which will help locate and display any problems on your website. This is a great tool and getting problems fixed is quite easy – ask Google!. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into what keywords your visitors are using to find you and give you ideas for new content, products etc.

Where is Google Search Console?

Here’s the link to the Google Search Console. Make sure you have a Gmail account to access this service. After you have logged you will see the main control panel.

Add A New Website

From the left-menu you will see Overview. Above that menu you will see Add a Property – This may be slightly different if you have a new account, since my personal account in the Search Console has many websites! But it will be situated from the Property Selector drop-down menu.

You should now the see the following screen:

Google - Select Property TypeBest option here for a new domain is the choice on the right – URL Prefix.

Ok, now enter your domain name – where it says then click CONTINUE.

Verify Ownership

In order for Google to verify that you own this domain you will need admin access to add a piece of code to your website or root directory where your website lives. There are several ways to do this.

  • You can download the google html file that Google is prompting you to do. Upload this file to your root directory. You can use the file manager inside your domain control panel to do this or use an FTP program like Filezilla to connect to your server and upload the file from your hard-drive.
  • Scroll down the page and you’ll see more options. I particularly like the HTML tag option because I can copy the code and enter it within WordPress.  Word of Warning – Don’t do this if you are not confident about editing a little piece of code. Any wrong moves may cause your site to crash – the white screen of death – actually easy to fix if you do muck up!
  • Let’s assume you take my advice and use the HTML tag option – First, let’s copy the code onto your clipboard (CTRL+C) on PC or (Cmd + C) on Mac.

Login to your WordPress Admin area

  • Navigate to Appearance and then Theme Editor.
  • I’m assuming you have a Child Theme – This is essential when making backend adjustments to a theme – otherwise any updates will over-ride your edits and be lost.
  • Under the Theme files on the right of the screen select header.php
  • On this page of code search for  </head>
  • Make a space above </head> and then carefully paste in your code.
  • Scroll down the page and then click on Update File when complete.

Back to Google

  • Go back to the Verify ownership page of Google and now click on the VERIFY button.
  • Click on Done when complete.

If all is good then it will be accepted. If it is not, please redo the steps above and see if you missed anything. This is the first step of submitting your site.

Next and Final Step…

Submit a Sitemap to Google

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