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Membership Websites

Andy Montgomery

Membership Websites Explained

Some businesses, but not all, will benefit from having membership websites which allow members to login to view content or a way to receive digital downloads. One of the best ways to entice new members is by using a method called ‘drip-feed’. This is like a carrot dangling valuable information for visitors. For example, a short article explaining how to do something but offering the full article to members when they subscribe.

Boost the Value of Your Company

mailchimp email servicesOne thing is for sure, collecting emails is a great way to create value for your company. It creates value by building your subscriber list and allowing them to be contacted. You can contact all of your subscribers at once with news, updates and offers easily by using mass emailing services like Mailchimp, Get Response or AWeber. Creating an email for subscribers can also look personal when you can address people by their first name. Dear [FIRST NAME ] – can be configured easily inside Mailchimp.

There are many off-the-shelf membership platforms which can integrate easily into WordPress-Powered Websites. Most of them are extremely customisable, allowing your company design to be built around them.

Recurring Payments

If you are offering digital downloads or access to course material, then it might be a good idea to think about recurring payments – The membership software can usually take care of this for you by offering monthly, yearly payment schemes and sending out automatic reminders to members when a membership is needing renewed.

What is Selling?

In many membership platforms there is a history of what users are downloading. This is a great way to highlight what content is popular and what isn’t. This will give you an invaluable insight on how you can create more interesting content, or even remove stuff that is not popular or clutters up the users’ experience.


Packages vary in cost but most will be sold as a yearly fee. This will give you full support and all of the updates for a year. Membership packages can range from 130 to 250 dollars.


It’s also possible to integrate packages with your existing website. If you are unsure about integrating a membership platform and would like some help – Please get in touch!


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