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Search Engine Optimisation

Andy Montgomery


SEO Luleå Företag

With great Search Engine Optimisation – Everything you create online has the ability to be found either as an article, image or even video. There are many different ways to optimise content for the search engines and here are a few reasons why you should be doing it:

Optimised pages always usually receive more organic traffic because they tell the search engines what your page is about. Organic traffic is free, so it makes sense to learn the craft of page optimisation rather than paying for traffic via ads. However, you can always opt into paying for Google Ads to boost your traffic even more.

Mysterious SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is not some mystical science or secret code, it’s simply writing focused content on a particular subject, product or service. When someone searches the web for this subject matter the perfect match would be to discover your page.

Content will always be KING in the search engines, so it’s worth creating pages with at least 350 words of your best interesting content writing. Let’s face it – you only have to spend the time once to create your article.

Think of SEO like a fishing boat going out to sea with a fishing net – The bigger the net, the bigger the catch. So, writing varied content containing many relevant keywords will help bring in a bigger ‘catch’ of visitors and quality traffic.

Tips for Search Engine Optimisation

Here are a few important factors when optimising your pages or posts:

  • The heading or title of your page should be the focused keyword or keyphrase which sums up your page. It should be written inside a header 1 tag like this <H1>SEO Luleå</H1>. Only one header tag can be used on a single page at any time.
  • It is advisable to use a plugin on your website to help analyse your page optimisation content and allow you to easily improve the page titles and page descriptions.This is what will appear in the search engine results, so it’s worth writing a title that encourages users to click on your link. A great plugin I would recommend is Yoast SEO.
  • Register with Google Search Console – and use the tools inside to Submit new content, submit a sitemap and discover if there is anything on your site that should be fixed.

I can help you understand with a hands-on course to help you increase the traffic to your website. Please contact me if you would like more SEO information.

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