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SEO – Schema & Rich Snippets – How this Greatly Improves Your Visibility

Boost Your Visibility by Using Schema Markup and Rich Snippets

Have you heard of Schema or Rich Snippets? If you haven’t, maybe you have seen it!

SEO Schema & Structured Data

This is the result of adding Schema to Your Website – Rich Snippets display enhanced search results

It stands out from other organic listings because it looks different. That’s a good enough reason to use it for your products or services. Organic listings displaying Rich Snippets will definitely receive more click-throughs because of the visual attraction.

The Schema Concept – Schema is the language behind Rich Snippets

By categorising data together you are telling the search engines what your site means – this is an important factor.

For example if we have a book, we could add Schema and list the following:

  • The author’s name of the book
  • The book title
  • ISBN number
  • How many pages
  • The Subject matter

In fact, there are lots of ways to describe this book. Here is the complete list of Schema data we could use if we were listing a book.

How Does This Affect Organic Search Results for an Author?

People search using keywords or keyword terms. In this case, searching for the authors name will bring you faster towards the author’s book publication with all the connected relevant details.

Tourist Activities or Tours

Think about how geographical locations, events, seasonal opening hours, reviews etc could be added to travel companies services and products!

Your Competitors

There are very few websites using Schema worldwide – This means less competition and more opportunity for those that take the time to do it properly.

How to Get Started with Schema and Rich Snippets

Schema Structured Data and SEO

The good news for WordPress websites is that you can have a plugin take care of it all. This is what I will focus on – simplicity!

However, for more advanced users it’s worth considering not using WordPress Plugins, if possible. Simply put, the more plugins on your website – the slower it gets generally.

Any good SEO companies will know about the value of Schema when they are delivering  SEO, ensuring business owners get the best value when paying for search engine optimisation services. However, knowledge is power and hopefully this article will help you to do it yourself.

If you have administrative access to your website then you can install the plugin quite easily from the WordPress plugins repository.

Before you do anything, please make sure you have a backup!

  • Login in to WordPress.
  • Go to your Plugins menu and click on Add new.
  • Search for Schema – You’ll now see a large list of available plugins.
  • One that I can recommend is called ‘Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP’.
  • Click on Install Now, then Activate
  • You will now have a ‘Structured Data’ heading in your WordPress menu.

Settings for Structured Data

  • Click on the Structured Data title and then settings.
  • In the Knowledge Base title – This is particularly important – Enter your company details – be as accurate as possible.
  • In all the headings, there are general questions. I won’t list them because they are quite self explanatory. However, complete as much as you can before saving.

Setup Wizard

Alternatively, use the setup wizard to the right of the page and fill in the questions asked.

That’s it – You’re now setup and ready. All your content and new content will be structured and indexed better. There are no guarantees you will have a golden listing – but, you are are 1 step closer and in the game!



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