Stripe Payment Variable Amount

What is a Stripe Payment Variable Amount?

Stripe is a payment gateway solution for the online payment processing of credit & debit cards for online shoppers. It also integrates easily with shopping carts such as Woocommerce or even as a stand-alone configuration. In most cases, Stripe is a great payment solution but doesn’t fit all businesses. Here we can see how a Stripe payment variable amount can provide an easy solution for deals!

Do I Need a Stripe Account?

In order to setup Stripe as a payment solution you will have to sign up for a Stripe Business account.

How Much are the Stripe Fees?

Stripe fees vary between 1.4% and 2.9% depending on where your customer is geographically based., those percentages also have a small fixed transaction amount attached. Checkout the pricing from Stripe’s Pricing and Fees page.

Problem – What Is a Stripe Variable Amount?

You have just talked to a customer over the phone and offered a new price on a product or customised package and now you have to find a quick way to take payment online for the amount.

If you are unable to take payment over the phone then the next option would be to encourage the customer to pay online. This creates a problem because you have negotiated a new custom price and the product or service amount is not setup on your website.

In reality, lots of companies would have to spend time creating an invoice or even create a product on their site to make the payment button available. This is time consuming both for the customer and for the business providing the service, you may even lose the sale in the worst scenario.

Stripe Payment Variable Amount

In the case of making a deal over the phone and to keep the momentum of the sale going,  it would be far easier to direct a customer to a payment page on your website or send a link via email or on a live chat service where the customer could enter an unspecified amount, according to your telephone conversation.

This process is fast, extremely easy for the customer and saves a lot of extra work, while the deal gets done!

How to get a Stripe Confirmation PDF?

After the transaction is complete the customer receives an email confirmation and also has the ability to download a PDF copy.

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