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Ever Wondered About Hosting Services?

Deals & Unlimited Everything!

It’s often quite common that companies will prioritize price, unlimited everything, 24 Hour Support and then eventually choose Shared Hosting as their best option.

Further could it be away from the best option! Companies offering less powerful servers or shared hosting options often provide a pretty business damaging experience.

What’s Wrong with 24 Hour Support?

In most cases, if you and your support sleep the same hours, then so do your customers!

Foreign telephone support – Now I’m not being offensive or racist, but I cannot understand Bangladeshi or Indian accents very well!  As a Scotsman, I know the feeling of confused listeners – LOL…

So Support, in my view should be local for the benefit of clarity, in any country.

But blame it on my listening skills. I have the greatest respect for Indian and Bangladeshi people as they are extremely intelligent, polite and humble. I would also like to add that I have used several programmers from India and Bangladesh, all delivered 150% of what I asked for.

Cloud Hosting Services

In my experience,  Amazon AWS, Microsoft’s Azure or Google’s Cloud Platform are the big players who provide extremely fast hosting services. Although on the down-side, the learning curve to using their services is usually quite steep if you decide to try and do it yourself.

One main advantage is of course being able to control how much data you need and pay for, as opposed to some glamorous package with 30 Gigabyte of un-needed storage.

Amazon AWS

With Amazon Web Services, setting up WordPress site is fairly easy. There are usually pre-installed packages which do all of the hard work for you. My experience with AWS has so far been pretty good and other features like installing a secure certificate are also straight forward, although the learning curve has been steep!

If you own a domain with another company and want to use Amazon’s hosting service then a few simple DNS entries on your company domain’s control panel will direct all traffic to AWS.


A good company to integrate domains and cloud storage are NameCheap. Their tutorials are simple to follow, and setup usually takes a few minutes!



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