Keyword Research & SEO

Keyword Research

Your product or service will probably include terminology or a text description containing keywords people will use in the search engines or social media to find you.

In order to find out who your customers are, you need to do some keyword research.

Keyword research not only gives you the history of traffic of a historical period of time i.e. 1 year, but also shines light on new opportunities. It may be that you don’t provide a product or service which is in demand. Keyword research will reveal this valuable nugget of info!


It’s super important to have a website optimised for Google, let’s face it – traffic can be expensive from paid advertising campaigns. Receiving organic traffic from Google and Social Media is naturally extremely beneficial for your online presence.

If you know nothing about Google Webmaster Tools or analytics then I can help get your site properly indexed in the search engines while fixing up your site (or creating a new one)  optimised for SEO.





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