Can MyAllocator Do Something I Can’t? No!

If you’re ready to pay out a monthly fee for a service read this first.

Minimum cost for MyAllocator starts at $300 per year – How about zero instead?

First, let’s read what MyAllocator is..

Channel Marketing Management

Myallocator is a channel marketing manager used by hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and property owners who are selling accommodation. MyAllocator is owned by Cloudbeds and allows property owners to connect and sync their rooms over multiple channels simultaneously. This real-timing syncing removes the chance of being double-booked and greatly increases the marketing reach for the property on a global stage.

MyAllocator allows you to:

  • Set individual rates for each booking channel.
  • Push and sync all channels in real-time.
  • Reach a global network of world-leading accommodation reservation systems.
  • Integrate MyAllocator’s own BookNow channel with Facebook.
  • Keeps track of inventory right across all of your channels.

MyAllocator Channels

What booking engines and channels can I connect with MyAllocator?

This is not the entire list but including some of the biggest names:

City Break, Ebookers, Ebay, Expedia, GTA, Home Away,, Lastminute, LateRooms, LonelyPlanet, TripAdvisor, TuiGroup and Trivago (coming soon).

Why do I need to use MyAllocator with Bokun?

It’s not a necessity to use MyAllocator if you are using Bokun. BUT, in order to tap into the biggest global marketing channels – MyAllocator provides the interface to connect and sync in real-time with as many channels as you want. Unlike other booking channels, you cannot import / export any calendars inside Bokun. But MyAllocator will allow this to work!

How much does MyAllocator cost? Minimum $300 per year.

  • MyAllocator charges a flat monthly fee with no commission on any transactions.
  • Prices are calculated per room. From the pricing choices you can choose which kind of accommodation you have – Hostel, Hotel, B&B and Vacation Rental. You will also be asked to enter the number of beds in your property.
  • Prices are displayed in the currency of your country.
  • For every booking channel you connect with you will pay the agreed commission rate of that company. For example, with – the commission rate varies between 10-25% depending on what country your property is located.
  • See pricing here

How Can I Do This Myself?

It’s amazing how many people are prepared to pay out even more money from their profit to online services which they can do easily themselves.

Selling accommodation on AirBnB, Expedia?

What you need to do is quite simple – synchronize your calendars between all of your channels. This is exactly what MyAllocator does and charges you for it.

For each company you connect up with – It’s essential to sync your calendars to avoid duplicate bookings on the same date. The synchronization will inform each booking channel that a booking has been made and remove that date from all of the other channels.

The first thing you need to find out from each company is where to find the calendar menu to sync with.

Use your good old friend Google to search like this…

Sync Air BnB calendar with

Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Sync Ups or You’ll Get F*** Ups

Let’s take a closer look with a good example:

You have a AirBnb listing and want to connect with 2 more providers

Airbnb sync with

  • Export Airbnb calendar and then go to and Import Calendar there. Then, export calendar and then go to Airbnb and import calendar.  Now Airbnb and are now synced. This is a total of 4 actions.

Airbnb sync with Expedia 

  • Export Airbnb calendar and then go to Expedia and Import Calendar there. Then, export Expedia calendar and then go to Airbnb and import calendar.  Now Airbnb and Expedia are now synced. This is also total of 4 actions.

Finally, sync with Expedia

  • Export calendar and then go to Expedia and Import Calendar there. Then, export Expedia calendar and then go back to and import calendar.  Now and Expedia are now synced. 4 actions.

So, 3 companies with 12 actions to perform for total syncronization. Check this periodically to make sure all is well!

Especially useful links for resourceful people..

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I just saved you $300 minimum!