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Wireframe Design to WordPress

Andy Montgomery

Converting Wireframe Design to WordPress

Wireframe to WordPress

A lot of business owners have a good idea of how their site design will look online and create PDF’s or imagery to articulate their designs into WordPress. If you are a business owner and have a clear idea of how your wireframe design looks then I can convert it into reusable WordPress templates, or simply design all of the elements with editable areas.

Ideas for Wireframe Designs

It’s a good idea to create a series of PDF’s joined together – each pdf can be laid out as you would scroll down the page. Your wireframe can contain rough elements so that it can be understood easily – For example – You could create a simple box and just write text area inside. The content doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, just the placement of the element on the page.

Software for Wireframing

There are many ways you can create your design and a lot of people will try to do this in Word. This is a clumsy solution and you’ll be fighting with elements on the page – trying to switch off alignment or simply not being able to drag your frames or design elements around the screen.

Take a look at the following online resources:

Balsamiq – Offers a great way to drag and drop elements from a menu, easy and quick!

MockFlow – Great for mobile designs and includes a free membership option with limitations.

WordPress Design Structure

Most WordPress websites have a similar structure:

Home Page – Encapsulates all of your content and offers the presentation of your business.

Information Pages – Provides more permanent info about your business with About Us, Privacy, Contact pages etc. Pages can be laid out differently, so wireframing is ideal for how each page will look.

News or Blog Pages – Every business should or will have an area to add their latest news. Those ‘posts’ can be categorised by subject matter and have their own category page.

Archive Page – Contains access to the history of articles – January 2019, February 2019 etc and links to access them.

Search Results Page – Allows anybody to search the site and find things quicker.

Your Wireframe Ideas

If you have a design or idea of how website should look and want it converted to WordPress, please get in touch!

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