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Sell Products or Downloads Online with WooCommerce

A website with a webbshop is an ideal way of offering an easy solution for customers to order and pay for items at any time of the day. With WordPress and popular shopping WooCommerce combined, it’s easy to add products, pricing and connect the cart directly to a payment provider like Stripe or Dibs. Or, you can opt to send an invoice (faktura) automatically with each transaction.Ecommerce Shop

What happens When a Customer Orders a Product?

  • When an order is placed in the system you will receive an automatic email notification.
  • The customer will receive a confirmation that the order is complete.
  • If a transaction has taken place, the customer will also be notified that a payment has been withdrawn from their bank account.
  • WooCommerce will update the Orders section with a new order – set at pending.
  • When you action the order – send it out or other, you can change the pending setting to complete.
  • You will also receive a notification from your  payment provider like Stripe or Paypal that you have received an online payment.

Product Variations

WooCommerce allows you to have variations of one type of product. For example, if you sold clothing, then you could include various colours, sizes or different prices. This is also great for ‘upselling’. For example, buy 1 product, 5 or 10 with discounted pricing.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes allow customers to receive discounts on specific items. By entering the coupon code they will receive discount on the checkout page. Very simple to setup and you can have as many coupon codes as you like with various end dates.

Woocommerce Coupon Codes

Sell Digital Downloads

If you have digital products like software, PDF tutorials or e-books then there are couple of options for how they are setup.

Downloadable Files

It’s possible to add a download link to the product inside WooCommerce. After payment, the customer will receive an email with the payment confirmation and a downloadable link included. This is easy to setup within the system.

Digital downloads from 3rd Party Vendors

If you are selling 3rd party software from other vendors, then there are 2 choices here:

  • Sell the download to the customer, then order the unique digital download from the vendor to send to the customer. This is not great for the customer but removes the hassles of setting up the download on your own website.
  • Buy a unique URL or digital download from the vendor which can be attached within your WooCommerce products. This allows a different download URL to be sold to each individual customer. This is a better option if you like automation but you will have to pay out for ‘digital stock’.

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce offers an array of add-ons to increase the functionality of your store. Here is a link to the WooCommerce Addons

Montgomery Group Webbshop

Here is an example of a WooCommerce webbshop recently designed by myself. If you are interested in selling products online please contact me.

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