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WordPress Templates – Manage Your Website

Andy Montgomery

Why Business Owners Don’t Update Their Website

One of the most common problems with website designs is the lack of easy-to-use WordPress templates. Therefore, they are not easy to update. Or, the person or company who built the site has not designed the site to be updated by their client! Most often, because they want to continue to be paid by the client for any future updates of new content.

Complex Design and Editing

More complex layouts with text and images take longer to develop and sometimes involve extra coding. However, a good designer will give the client full control of editing text or images without the need to touch any code and provide simple editors and a choice of gallery tools to make changing or adding new content simple.

WordPress Templates with Mandatory Fields*

Let’s assume you have a travel business and provide snowmobile tours for your customers. You or your colleagues will add many more similar tours in the future and so you need your products to have the same layout. All text should have the same size, Google fonts and product information to have a consistent layout.

By creating mandatory fields, this ensures that editors of new products fill out essential information. For example, details of the tour, age limit, equipment or clothing required, start point on map, end point and any ticket information.

Search Engine Optimisation

Did you know that SEO can be built into WordPress Templates? Oh yes, and everything should be as easy as possible and setup so that editors, administrators or contributors can continue to create products, write articles and not have to worry about anything else.

See below for an example of a restaurant menu from the backend of WordPress. To make this table out of text and tables would be time consuming and frustrating. Simple solutions go a long way!

Wordpress Template Fields

And the result of how this looks…

Consistent Web Design

I can help achieve an easy way to update your services and products with very simple looking and easy to use WordPress templates. If you are interested in discussing your business needs please get in touch.

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