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WP Rocket – Speed Up Your Website for Better SEO

Slow Websites Affect Ranking in Google

Before we Discuss WP Rocket

Slow WebsitesIt’s no surprise that slow websites get penalised by Google in search engine results. Google wants fast loading, secure websites.  Why destroy your customer experience with slow-loading pages and hurt your business???

A great number of websites are designed to display high resolution graphics or even have background movies on their home page or elsewhere. Of course, if you are running your site on Amazon AWS hosting services you may get away with it. However, most sites don’t!

The Most Common Factors That Make Websites Slow

Large images that have not been optimised or re-scaled. There is no point inserting a large image and making it smaller with different dimensions. Get it as near the size you want first, then place it in there. If you don’t have access to image software consider using an online service such as

GZip Compression. In it’s simplest terms, Gzip compression takes chunks of your page data and compresses it, similar if you were sending a zip file. This compression works well with web pages and reduces the download time for your visitors. There are free plugins you can use with WordPress for compressing your entire site automatically.

Adverts – If you are signed up with Google Adsense or another advertiser, the content you have placed on your website will most likely be fetched from another server,  this causes the page to load slower. There are many examples of this – especially if you are looking for a recipe and have to wade through all of the advertising popups or annoying ads to get to the content.

Social Media – Yes, we love social media and it’s possible to add as many social sharing or feeds as possible. However, this also relies on scripts being loaded from external sites causing additional load time.

Page Caching

Page caching helps improve the loading time of web pages because it serves up your pages as HTML. If you imagine that every WordPress site is basically a collection of data pulled from a database. When a visitor clicks on your site,the data is extracted from the database to populate your browser. This takes time, and as more visitors visit your site simultaneously the database is working harder. More work and usage of your hosting services.

Finally – A Page Caching Plugin that is Brilliant!

Yes, you guessed it – A page caching plugin which does everything you want. But wait, there are loads of page caching plugins and I’ve used just about every one of them – some good and some extremely bad. However, I’ll save you time by pointing you towards the one you will NEED. It’s not free, as most good things are..

WP RocketCaching plugin – WP Rocket

By far, the easiest and most effective caching plugin you will ever need. There are various license prices – but for a years subscription your site will be flying. If you are worried about how to install it or set it up – then I can assure it’s really easy!

Let’s take a look at some of the WP Rocket Features:

  • Simple to Install
  • Improves Search Ranking in Google
  • Images can be set to load as the user scrolls down the page.
  • Is used by some of the biggest names in Web Development.

WP Rocket GDPR

For those looking for compatibility with existing GDPR WordPress plugins, WP Rocket works well with GDPR Cookie Consent, GDPR, EU Cookie Law, Cookie Notice and Weepie Cookie Allow.

WP Rocket Documentation can be found here.

WP Rocket Woocommerce

Yes, before you ask – it’s compatible with Woocommerce. If you don’t already know, it’s not advisable to cache all of your pages, especially on a shopping cart when parts of your site like shopping cart and checkout are used frequently and display ever-changing information.


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